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15th-Sep-2008 08:55 pm - Degrassi Orientation Week

Monday September 15 (too late)
Find out what it's like to be a freshman at Degrassi!
Meet Aislinn Paul (Claire), Melinda Shankar (Alli) , and Sam Earle (K.C.) for Degrassi's Minor Niners' hour.
Come ready with questions and get to know the newest freshman class.

Tuesday September 16
Exclusive: The N's N-Sider bloggers, The-Seth & The-Mary will be in vSide hanging out with Degrassi's Mike Lobel!
Join in the fun as they dish the dirt about Degrassi, rawk out to their favorite tunes, and take questions from you!

Wednesday September 17
After School Radio is an hour earlier this week but we promise to give you a great show!
This week we have two new cast member of Degrassi:The Next Generation!
Join in on an exclusive meet and greet with the two of Degrassi's hottest new classmates, Argiris Karras (Riley) and Evan Williams (Kelly).

Thursday September 18
Degrassi Orientation Week continues as Samantha Munro (Anya) and Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny) will be my special guests on this week's vRL!
Come party with us as we play some of Samantha'€™s & Dalmar€'s favorite videos.

Friday September 19
Join Ling and Action for the Degrassi Orientation Week Wrap-up!
We'll be rehashing all the cool things that happened during the week.
You know he can't help but to ask all the Degrassi fellas..."Boxers or briefs..."

See ya at The DOT Grill!

Submit Questions for The-Seth, The-Mary, & Mike Lobel HERE

Submit Questions for "Danny" and "Anya" HERE

Submit Questions for "Riley" and "Kelly" HERE
Kitty Rocks Out

Mike Lobel hosting vSide on July 24 th 2008:
Part 1 on Youtube
Part 2 on Youtube
Part 3 on Youtube
Part 4 on Youtube

Download the complete audio file

I copy and pasted the text from the chat into a word pad file. Let me know if you want any of it because you had a cute little moment with Mike, Ling, Action, or any other vSider. I don't know if there's anything worth posting...there was so much spam. Nothing spoilery was in the chat bubble. All we really learned about Mike was some favorite things. I can dig those out if you are curious.
crazy slut
The Mike Lobel chat tonight was ridiculous! Full of boring spammers (Do you love me???, What's your favorite brand of crayons, etc.) and crowded as fuck! In the midst of it all, there was UrBoyDanny aka Ling's #1 fan STALKER!
tons moar behind the cutCollapse )
20th-Jul-2008 08:27 am - vSide Events

Tue Jul 22 5:00PM to Tue Jul 22 6:00PM
We can talk about anything (well, just about anything) you guys want.
So bring your questions, but leave the drama at home.

Wed Jul 23 5:00PM to Wed Jul 23 6:00PM
We keep challenging you for themes for Band Camp and you keep delivering!
Next week's theme is songs with "numbers" in the title.
Let us know what songs you want to hear, submit them HERE!
Do you want to win 5,000 vPoints?
Simply submit a Band Camp theme HERE and if we choose it, you'll win!
Each week we give out vPoints to the user who comes up with
the most unique design for Band Camp Radio.
Click here for more details or to submit. Good luck!

Thu Jul 24 4:00PM to Thu Jul 24 5:00PM
Hey Degrassi vSiders!

Mike Lobel, Degrassi's Jay, will taking in some vRL next week with me!
He'll be playing his favorite videos, chatting with me, and all of you!
See you there!

Got burning q's for Mike, post them HERE!

Thu Jul 24 6:00PM to Thu Jul 24 7:00PM
Join DJ Skully on Her Yacht the Black Pearl in LGA in
celebrating the up and coming release of the X Files movie "I want to Believe".
In honor of this new film, we'll be having Alien based trivia questions for vpoints,
fashion competitions for vsiders dressed like FBI agents or aliens,
as well as "fashion police" working undercover
to decide which vsiders should be awarded vpoints for their fashions.
Do you have clothes that are totally out of this world?
Or perhaps a pair of dark sunglasses that need to be seen?
Bust them out and remember "The Truth is out there", and so are vpoints to win!!!!!

Fri Jul 25 11:00PM to Sat Jul 26 12:00AM
Our radio show has a new theme every show, this week we are letting YOU PICK!
Come on down, you may win some vPoints! Woot trivia!!!
Be sure to wear your comfy PJ's, after all it's Friday night, time to relax! :-)
so come down to NV255 and look for tracier's loft
lets get our weekend started!
8th-Jul-2008 11:46 pm - vSide Events

Wed Jul 9 5:00PM to Wed Jul 9 6:00PM
This Wednesday we'll be featuring jic's favorite Beattles songs, don't miss it.

Thu Jul 10 4:00PM to Thu Jul 10 5:00P
We're back for a fresh week of vRL!
You won't want to miss it, we'll be featuring videos from Ed Banger artists!
So come get your groove on to these fantatstic French electro dance videos!

Thu Jul 10 6:00PM to Thu Jul 10 7:30PM
OMG! Skully went camping and didn't post her DarkSide event.
So this is a handy-dandy placeholder until she gets back.

Fri Jul 11 11:00PM to Sat Jul 12 12:30AM
This week we will be featuring 90's TV show theme songs!
Come on down, you may win some vPoints! Woot trivia!!!

30th-Jun-2008 08:56 pm - vSide events

I'm just waiting for another Degrassi Spirit Week.

Tuesday // July 1 // 4:45PM - 5:50PM

Wednesday // July 2 // 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Thursday // July 3 // 7:00PM - 9:00PM

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